Personal stylist

About Amy

I’ve always had a passion for style and love how the right outfit makes a difference. I started working in the industry twenty years ago in; sales, visual merchandising, window dressing, styling photoshoots and creating look books. My favourite element was always working with people and refining their outfit.

Leaving work to be full time Mum to my three girls, I know how it can feel to make a big change, lose confidence and direction. I also understand the demands of a busy life. We face many stages in our life where style is impacted and changes. This is not always easy to navigate. It is my belief that our choice of clothing is a form of expression that has a massive impact on our attitude and can create a positive mind set.

After qualifying from the London College of Style it is my privilege to be a personal stylist, understanding people and what suits their body shape and personality. My goal is to help women feel empowered, happy and confident.


Wardrobe Edit

A wardrobe edit is a great place to start our styling journey together.

It’s the ultimate way to de clutter and remove unused and unflattering garments from the space leaving your remaining wardrobe organised and refreshed. We will look at adding a few key pieces to elevate existing items and create fabulous, innovative looks that work for you.

At the end of the process there will be a cleaner, organised space in which you will find great joy in putting together stylish outfits quickly and efficiently.

Minimum 3 hours £295

What's included

What’s included

  • Pre edit questionnaire
  • Colour analysis
  • Guidance on dressing your body shape
  • Understanding your personal style and where to shop
  • Outfit inspiration
  • Expert style tips
  • A wish list of missing items in your wardrobe that will elevate existing garments
  • A follow up email and photos of created looks from our session

Personal shopping

  • Pre shop telephone consultation to discuss requirements
  • Detailed research into the shopping destination and shops chosen prior to meeting on the day.
  • 3 hours shopping with me.
  • Expert styling tips
  • Constructive, honest feedback throughout the session.
  • Supporting your shopping choices to elevate garments in your existing wardrobe.
  • An overview of the day to ensure all objectives have been met.
  • A follow up email

£275 3 hours (bolt on extra hours £100 p/h)

E styling

E styling is an effective way to shop without leaving your home. Let me do all the work for you!

This service includes me creating a personal style board of ideas to suit your brief. With your board you will be able to click on each item which will take you directly to the site for you to purchase. The style boards are brilliant for inspiration also and show how well the garments can work together.

A zoom call will also be included post shop to offer any further advice and styling tips.


Occasion Styling

Whatever the occasion or maybe you just want to feel extra special for an event I can help you create a look to make you feel fabulous!

Style Assessment

  • Style assessment questionnaire to complete before the session
  • An hour session in person or online discussing body shape and your style personality which will help you gain clarity.
  • Styling tips
  • A follow up email and document detailing styling tips and advice.

1.15 Hours £65 (with colour analysis £145)

Colour Analysis

Discover your perfect shades and tones in this session. Wearing the correct colours that compliment your skin tone will minimise imperfections making your face look radiant, bright, and clear.

The process involves using a selection of coloured drapes that are placed directly under the chin so you can see the impact the colours have on your skin tone. Comparing and contrasting the drapes in this way allows you to really see the effect clearly.

Approx 1 Hour £125

Group Colour Analysis - price on application

What's included

What’s included

  • Colour Analysis using drapes.
  • Explanation of how the process works using the four seasons.
  • Tips on how to use the colours most suited to you.
  • How to add more colour into your daily wardrobe.
  • A follow up email with information regarding your season and the option to buy a seasonal colour fan.